We Believe


Kristin Baker

We believe. Passion in the worth of our art prevails through practice and humility to keep learning.

We adapt. Seasons change. Clay responds to its environment and we to the clay; to the pulse and pressure of our lives.

We improvise. Anything's a tool: a fork, a roll of toilet paper, a shoe string...

We venture. We take risks. Push our limits. Experiment.

We overcome. We denounce the hiss in our ear, "You're not good enough. You're wasting your time." We make the space. We carve the time.

We persist. We return. We learn. We try again, and again, and again.

We sacrifice. We shop thrift stores and eat beans to make the mug that holds the java. We forego the frappuccino in favor of the flux - happily.

We redeem. Shards of dry trimmings, muddy waters, flops... every slip and slop recycled.

We plan. We glaze petals and pastels in winter and orange pumpkins in spring. We live in the moment for the future.

We wait. The clay to soften, to harden, to accumulate. To bisque, to cool, to behold...

We honor. The giants on whose shoulders we stand. Those who imprinted us and made a part of us a part of them.

We worship. With our hearts, our heads, our hands. Reflecting, returning, all we've been given to I AM who gave His all...